Nero – Millefiori’s New Fragrance

One would have imagined that a fragrance like Nero be created by Millefiori  years ago. It has all the makings of a classic: woody, musky, masculine. Think Drakkar Noir. Launched in Italy early this year, it wasn’t till June that we received Nero here in Singapore.

I was looking forward to the shipment because I have what I thought to be the perfect container for the fragrance. It’s a  small vase produced by Franz Collection, a brand that I used to  distribute. This vase was commissioned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, based on an oil painting by French painter Fernand Leger, titled Man with a Cane. All 250ml of the reed oil can be emptied into the vase.

Millefiori Nero DIY Reed Diffuser

Leftover black reed sticks from my Selected reed diffuser complete the look.

Millefiori Nero DIY Reed Diffuser

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