7 Fun Facts About Lemon Lavender


Everyone’s favourite fragrance, Lemon Lavender, turned 10 this year in April! Ever since we brought Yankee Candle into Singapore in 2009, Lemon Lavender has always been in the ranks of the top 3 best-selling fragrances (the first and second being Island Spa and Midsummer’s Night respectively), and widely loved by many of our customers here.

Have you ever then wondered how was Lemon Lavender made, or what was Lemon Lavender made of? Here, we present you 7 fun facts you probably didn’t know about this decade long fragrance.

1. Lemon Lavender Was Born In South Deerfield, Massachusetts, US.

Lemon Lavender - YC Large Jar w. lemons

Lemon Lavender was created in 2006 in the R&D lab in the Yankee Candle facility at South Deerfield, MA, US, along with all the other Yankee Candle fragrances. At that time, the R&D team was racking their brains to come up with more variations of the classic Lavender fragrance to inject excitement and newness to the market.

The R&D team experimented with and launched many Lavender themed-fragrances too: Lavender & Sage, French Lavender, Lavender Fields, and Lavender Vanilla. But Lemon Lavender was the fragrance that trumped the rest with its clean and inviting scent, and is now a perennial favourite loved by many. The rest of the Lavender fragrances were discontinued.

2. There Is More To Lemon Lavender Than Well, Lemon And Lavender.

Lemon Lavender Label

Here are the fragrance notes for Lemon Lavender, or simply put, what went into this fragrance that made it one of the best-loved fragrance by many:

Top note: Tangerine, Lemon, and Lavender

Middle note: Orange, Petitgrain, and Eucalyptus

Base note: Vanilla, and Spice

An interesting fact about Petitgrain: it is an essential oil that is extracted from the green twigs of the bitter orange plant. The oil has a greenish woody orange smell that is widely used in perfumery and found in colognes. Though distilled from the same botanical species as neroli and bitter orange, Petitgrain Essential Oil possesses its own characteristically unique aroma.


3. Lemon Lavender Was SO Popular That It Was Made Available Worldwide.

Lemon Lavender Env

Lemon Lavender was launched only as a retail exclusive in United States in 2006. It was so well-received and the customers loved it so much that its sales skyrocketed. Hence the US Headquarters decided to make it available for purchase for the overseas markets too, and this in turn was an awesome news for all of us here in Singapore!


4. Lemon Lavender Makes You Happy!


The combination of fresh Lemon and relaxing Lavender provides an uplifting and refreshing experience for many of our customers. Many has described it as their “happy scent”, and a “good mood relaxer”.


5. Lemon Lavender Tastes Good Too! <3


(Source: www.yummymummykitchen.com)

Lemon Lavender is not only popular as a Yankee Candle fragrance, it apparently is a very popular combination for cupcakes, cookies, and pastries too! Here’s a recipe you can use to bake a yummy Lemon Lavender Cupcake!


6. You Can Bring Lemon Lavender Wherever You Go!


Lemon Lavender is one of the few fragrances in Yankee Candle which has a full range of product line: all 19 of them! Not only is it available in wax form, it has also been developed into flameless fragrances like the Reed Diffusers and Fragrance Beads, and also car accessories like the Car Jar Ultimates and Car Jar 3-Packs. In Singapore, we carry 10 of its forms.


7. Lemon Lavender Serves As A Good Base For Fragrance Mixology.


Lemon Lavender is a good base for fragrance mixology to create a lovely scentosphere. Here are some suggestions you can play with!

Happy Birthday Lemon Lavender! May you continue to stay in our lives for the next decade, and the next, next decade, and forever more!

Video produced by Rachael Lum, a graduate from NYP SIDM, as part of her Final Year Project.

Read on to find out more about the collaboration: Behind the Scenes: The Creation of the Lemon Lavender Birthday Video

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