Behind The Scenes: How Our Lemon Lavender Video is Created

If you haven’t already noticed a cute purple van on the road, or the cheery paper bags that are being given out in all Yankee Candle stores in Singapore, we are celebrating our Lemon Lavender fragrance 10th birthday this year! And these creative visuals were created through a delightful collaboration between us and Rachael Lum.

Who is Rachael Lum?

Rachael is a graduate from Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Interactive and Digital Media. In December 2015, she sent us an email to ask if she was able to work together with us for her Final Year Project. Her specialty is in animation videos, and she was exploring creating a branding video for us.

We were of course delighted to work with her, not because we are some evil organization who exploits students for their free labour; but it is that we believe in expanding human’s potential, and providing  opportunities, which they might not get to have, for them to expand their potentials.

Rough sketch for the Lemon Lavender video.

We then started exploring different concepts for the video, and finally decided on the concept of celebrating Lemon Lavender fragrance’s 10th birthday! The idea is that even after 10 years, Lemon Lavender still remains a favourite among new and existing users of the fragrance. An emotional bond has been created between the fragrance and the users, so much so that if we were to discontinue this fragrance, we would pretty much be lambasted by the public. The final decision was to use a lemon pinata to kick-start the birthday celebration, and then thanking everyone for their 10 years of continuous love.

The finalized concept. Each frame was painstakingly drawn in details by Rachael.

The conceptualizing of the video was an interesting experience for both Rachael and ourselves as we both learn from each other. Rachael learnt how to create and style her video such that it can be used commercially effectively, and we learn more about the possibilities and limitations of video creation.

The first concept for the video: A Lemon Lavender birthday party with all the other fragrances as attendees of the party.

The end product was a cute and delightful video that totally encompasses what Lemon Lavender is: a fresh and relaxing scent loved by many.

We subsequently adapted her visuals elements to our delivery van, and paper bags too!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 6.50.25 pm IMG_1335







Rachael then went on to give a presentation of the project to her juniors in SIDM, which inspired many students on the possibilities they could develop out of their time in school. We were then approached by the lecturer for another collaboration with the Second Year students, which is another story by itself 😉

Thank you Rachael! It was a delightful and enjoyable experience working with you. All of us here at Pure Senses wish you success in all your future endeavours! 🙂

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