5 Benefits Of Candle Warmers: Why You Should Use One Now

I believe that most of us like to go back to a nicely scented home to wind down after a busy work day, but are probably hesitant about lighting up a scented candle due to its perceived risks if left unattended. Lucky for us, there is the invention of the candle warmer!

A candle warmer is an electrical appliance that uses the heat generated from its bulb to melt scented jar candles to release fragrance without a flame! Here are 5 reasons why you should have a candle warmer, or two, in the house.


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If you would like to get all the benefits of a scented candle, but are worried about open flames, this is the best reason to get a candle warmer. Switch it on to start enjoying the fragrance of the scented candle. The heat generated from the 25W halogen bulb of the candle warmer is strong enough to melt the candle wax, and once the wax is melted, the fragrance will be released into your room.  There is no need to light the candles, and you don’t have to worry about yourself or your kids or pets (if any) getting injured by touching the naked flame. Do be careful of the melted wax though, it is hot but not enough to cause fire burns.


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Switch on the candle warmer when you want to experience the scented candles at home. The specially designed halogen bulb will start melting the candle wax from top to bottom, releasing the scent within minutes. Now, you do not have to wait eons to fill up your room with scent. Switch off the candle warmer when you are done. Quick and easy!


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No fire means no burning. No burning means no soot and no smoke present. You get to enjoy the fragrance of the scented candle without the soot and the smoke. How lovely is that!


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We define value as paying less for more. By using a candle warmer, the lifespan of your candle is doubled compared to lighting it up. While lighting the candle burns the wax along with the fragrance oil that might still be mixed with the wax, a candle warmer really ensures that all the fragrance oil mixed with the wax is evaporated into the room, and this is why you can use the same candle for double the time stated as its burn hours.

To take note: you will have to pour away the top layer after a while when you don’t smell anything anymore so that it can start melting the new wax below the unscented wax.


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Bring beauty and design home when you display a candle warmer. With the many designs and colours for you to choose from, you can add a touch of elegance or rustic charm to your home decor.  It makes a sweet housewarming gift for you loved ones too!

Are you using a candle warmer now? If so, leave us a comment and let us know if these benefits resonate with you, and what other benefits have you experienced when using a candle warmer! We would love to hear from you! 🙂







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