How To Use A Reed Diffuser In 8 Easy Steps

Reed diffusers are a great way to constantly scent up our rooms and personal space with our favourite fragrance without us worrying about having an open flame of a candle at all times. And it is easy to use too! Just open and pop in the reed sticks, and we will get to enjoy our favourite fragrance within minutes!

Here, we listed down 8 best practices to maximise the enjoyment of your reed diffuser fragrance. Follow them, and you are all set.

1. Place The Reed Sticks Into the Vessel.

Millefiori’s reed diffusers are made only in Italy. The raw materials for the essential oils and reed diffusers are sourced in France and Italy to give customers the best reed diffuser experience ever.

A reed diffuser is a fragrant liquid made up of carefully calculated combination of essential oil and alcohol contained in a glass vessel. Reed sticks, usually made of rattan, are inserted into the vessel, and the scent is then diffused through the channels/ pores in the sticks.

The more reed sticks you put in, the stronger the fragrance will be. Likewise, the less reed sticks you put, the lighter the fragrance. We recommend the following numbers for your spaces:

  • Bathrooms: 4-5 reed sticks
  • Bedrooms: 6-8 reed sticks
  • Living rooms: 10-12 reed sticks

There are no hard and fast rules about the number of reed sticks to put in. It is all according to your preference on how strong you like the scent to be.

2. Flip The Reed Sticks.

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Once you have put in the reed sticks in the reed diffuser vessel, flip them after 1-2 minutes so that the saturated end is in the air, and the dry end is inside the liquid.

Flip the reed sticks again when you feel that the fragrance is weak.

Keep flipping until you can’t smell anything anymore, and that is the cue to replace the existing reed sticks with new ones.

3. Be Careful When Flipping The Reed Sticks.

Never flip the reed sticks over your carpet or precious counter tops.

Flip the sticks over a wastepaper basket or over the sink to prevent essential oil from splattering and staining the surrounding area.

4. Pick The Right Size Reed Diffuser For Your Room.

A reed diffuser with a bigger opening tends to work better for bigger sized rooms, and likewise for smaller size rooms, choose a smaller reed diffuser with a smaller opening.

5. Always Place The Reed Diffuser On Glass Surfaces Or Coasters

If you love Yankee Candle fragrances, but are not a candle user, they also have reed diffusers available in your favourite Yankee Candle fragrances!

Place your reed diffusers on glass surfaces or coasters to prevent the fragrance oil from staining your precious counter tops. There might be times that the liquid content might spill out from its vessel and the liquid might react with your table top to cause stains or corrosion.

Essential oil especially tends to stain wooden surfaces, so please take note of that!

6.Use A Reed Diffuser Refill.

Millefiori has a lot of different fragrances refills at affordable prices. Check them out here.

Reed refills not only help to save the earth by reducing wastage, you also get to save money when you buy the refills instead of a new bottle of reed diffuser again! Just make sure to first clean the container thoroughly with soap and water, and let it dry completely before putting in the refill.

7. Change The Reed Sticks When You Use New Refill.

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We recommend that you change to new reed sticks whenever you use a new refill. The old sticks might be clogged with dust or are over-saturated with the fragrance oil over time and they might not diffuse out the scent properly.


8. Keep Your Reed Diffusers Out Of Reach From Children And Pets.

You wouldn’t like a mess in your house do you? šŸ˜‰

What other best practices do you follow when you use a reed diffuser? Leave a comment and share with us!

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