Masculine Matters

For a man, owning a space or home is an acknowledgement that he’s arrived. Next, adding your own jab of identity can be your bragging rights. Black, dark and sombre colours are a firm choice for many male individuals. Add your prized picks from your collection – it could be your trusty camera, sleek eyewear you fancy, a hand sculpture – then settle down with a cup of espresso.

And it doesn’t matter if the product is cheap or expensive! Precious objects that have sentimental value make it more endearing; and what better way than to display these accoutrements with pride! Complete the look with the heady, woody aroma of Millefiori Nero diffuser that’s sure to please the eye and seduce the nose. Even if you don’t own a home, staking your identity even in a small corner of a room is a means of expressing yourself. So give yourself a pat on the back, mate! You’ve arrived and you have many roads to conquer. – Joe Lim

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